I can own a gun now “Oh Boy”

June 26th, 2008 by Ken

The United State’s Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution allows an individual to own a gun, is a long time in coming.  Of all the amendments to the constitution, the Second Amendment hasn’t been challenged or ruled upon in more than 200 years.  It was about time.

The argument went that the second amendment applied only to state militias and did not allow individuals to own a gun.   A reading of the amendment was not clear and required a ruling by the supreme court of our nation.

And, today it came down 5-4, that the United States Constitution allowed individuals to own guns for hunting and self-protection.   The lawsuit challenged the District of Columbia’s 30-year old rule baning individuals from owning guns anywhere within the nation’s capital.

The supremes said that owning a gun was not without limits however, and seemed to allow governments to put some restrictions on gun ownership, but not an outright ban.

Those long time arguments between anti gun people and pro gun people is now moot.  The court has ruled the second amendment does allow gun ownership.   Just what kind of restrictions can be placed on gun ownership will now be the issue and not the right to keep and bear arms.

I’m not going to rush to the store and buy me a gun.  But I sure like the fact that I can if I want to.  Way to go supremes.  You made the right decision.  It should have been 9-0 however.

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