Arrest the polygamists

May 23rd, 2008 by Ken

The recent Texas Court of Appeals ruling that the Texas children’s agency was wrong in taking away more than 460 children from their mothers was a correct ruling.

No one can show that the children were in any immediate danger and no one is even sure that the original call citing child abuse was even real.

As government agencies often do, they over-reacted and separated the children from their mothers, to the anguish of both children and mothers., as well as most American parents who have witnessed this atrocity.

Somewhere, sometime back, government has decided that they have a better handle on child abuse than does the average person.  Agencies in all of the states, ours included, see that the protection of children ranks above everything, even over the personal rights of the individual.  I think this is wrong but it’s an argument for another day.

The children seized in the raid should be given back to their mothers as soon as it can be determined just who is the mother.

But, in all of this concern for the children, we’re missing an important element.  Polygamy is illegal in all 50 states of the United States, including Utah.

Why haven’t the polygamists been arrested, or at least charged?  Where is the justice that allows old men to take several young women as their wives, even if the young female children believe it’s alright?

The Texas authorities should be concentrating their efforts on arresting and charging the polygamists and return the children to their mothers as soon as possible.

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