Boys get shafted – again

May 21st, 2008 by Ken

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been a strong advocate for women and girls.  Their 1992 study found that girls were disadvantaged in school and led to many programs which have helped girls achieve.

Since that time, study, after study, after study, has found that it’s really boys who are disadvantaged in school and that more programs should be instituted to help boys.

But the AAUW didn’t buy those studies, and commissioned another one.  And the results have been released, which says that both boys and girls are doing better in school and that programs which help girls succeed should be continued.

Well, I say, “what a crock.”

The AAUW study is flawed and the results were pre-ordained. 

According to the AAUW, the study shows that while girls are doing better in school, they still need programs which help them.  They attribute the “boy crisis” to nothing more than the fact that people feel uncomfortable with the success of women and girls.

What a crock!

The American educational system is set up for girls to succeed and boys to fail.  Study after study have found that to be true.  Girls receive higher grades than do boys.  Girls do better on standardized tests than do boys.  More girls graduate at the top of their class than do boys.  And boys continue to drop out of high school in record numbers.

Girls comprise 60 percent of all college students.  In some occupations such as law and medicine, girls constitute 65 percent of the student body.  Many colleges have instituted programs to recruit more boys.

The reasons for the success of girls and women are many faceted, but the major reason is that the American educational system is female-based.   Women make up 92 percent of all grade school teachers.  The system is set up, where normal female behavior, working quietly and working as a team, is favored over normal male behavior which is loud, aggressive and often individual based.  Ninety percent of all grade school  children on medication for behavioral problems are – – boys.

In addition, high school courses are generally oriented towards college and a college education.  Traditional male subjects such as vocational programs, have been dropped or severely curtailed at many schools.

The AAUW is concerned that the failure rate of boys and the success rate of girls will mean the eventual elimination of support programs for girls, and so it commissioned a study, whose outcome was pre-determined.

I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, you have to reject any study commissioned by a group with a particular agenda.

In this case, the AAUW study can’t be taken seriously, as all indications show that boys continue to get the shaft in the American educational system.  The AAUW report just continues the shafting.

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