Lily Tomlin wows perfect audience

May 3rd, 2008 by Ken

Lily Tomlin found her perfect audience last night, for her brand of topical humor and political views.  Centerfest 2008 An Evening with Lily Tomlin was a perfect fit for the people who attended the sold out house.

Tomlin, an acknowledged lesbian and political activist, gave her Olympia audience much to cheer about.  She addressed masturbation, lesbianism, war, Dick Cheney, George Bush and even found time to mention the anti-war demonstrations in downtown on May Day.  It was a perfect fit, and her audience loved her stand on the issues of the day.

Tomlin also went through her suitcase of characters, bringing out all of those audiences have come to love including Ernestine and Edith Ann.

But it was Tomlin’s liberal-bias that brought the greatest cheers from the liberal-bias audience.  In the question and answer period which followed her set routine, Tomlin was asked whether she preferred Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for president.  Tomlin replied that she wishes it would be a dual ticket, then cracking a joke said “It could be Big Momma’s White House.”   

Centerfest has had a number of different stars appear for its annual fund-raising event.  Last year Wynonna Judd was the star and Judd is far from liberal.  But this year, Olympia found its perfect star.  There hasn’t been this much blue blood in town since Joan Baez performed several years ago.

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