Democrats protect brand

April 9th, 2008 by Ken

The new “Top Two” primary has caused an uproar in partisan political circles.  No more so than in Thurston County where Democrats who are faced with protecting their brand – – the name Democrat – – or alienating one of their good supporters.

Party hacks have called for a meeting of Democratic Precinct Committee men and women for April 28, at which time those representing County Commissioner District 2 (that’s Lacey and Yelm primarily) will have to make a decision over supporting either Jon Halvorson or Sandra Romero, both carrying the good Democrat label.

Voting to endorse one over the other is necessary if the Demcoratic party wants to send the “Top Two” primary back to the courts for reconsideration.

The United States Supreme Court, in approving Initiative 872, by a 7-2 vote said they were reluctant to overturn an initiative of the people.  The court did say, however, that the rights of the parties to determine who wears their label, must be protected.

Consequently, county Democratic officials  must pick either Halvorson or Romero for the primary election or their brand – – the name Democrat –  means nothing.

They have to select a nominee of the party if they want to go to court in the future and have the “Top Two” primary struck down.

But in doing so, they take the chance in alienating either Halvorson or Romero, or their supporters.   It’s a tough decision, but it looks like the party hacks want to keep control and thwart the will of the people.

Even if Democrats do go to court, the battle will be long and costly and may again end up in the United States Supreme Court, where they may well lose again.

In the roulette table of life, the Democrats are playing 0 and 00 – – and going for the big win.  It’s 36-2 that they’ll lose.

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