Society and science skewed against boys

March 22nd, 2008 by Ken

For years now I’ve been warning that our boys are in trouble.  I’ve argued that the American school system is rigged against boys.  I’ve screamed that raising boys in a female only household in tantamount to child abuse and I’ve asked people to take a look at the “feminization” of our entire society which sees “maleness” as bad and “male behavior” as something that we have to be protected from.

Now comes word that boys are in trouble in a more basic way.  The number of boys born each year in the world is on the decline.

Scientists working for the National Center for Health Statistics have found that the number of boy babies born each year in the world has been on a steady decline, falling as much as 7 percent in the last quarter of a century.

There have always been more boy babies born than female babies each year because males die at a greater rate and earlier age than females.

The number of boys born in the United states has declined from 105.9 per 100 girls to 104.7.  Statistically that’s a major decline.

The cause remains a mystery but scientists think that pollutants in our society could be causing many male fetuses to become female.  The scientists issued a statement which read “The falling sex ratio coupled with the disproportionately male fetal deaths supports the hypothesis that males are being culled in some systematic fashion.”

Let’s think that through

If it’s true and statistics seem to bear it out, then the next step is why?  What’s causing the decline.  Some scientist think that it’s pollution causing the problem, but I think it’s something different.  I’m no scientist and I have no facts or figures to fall back upon, but I think the decline in male baby births is related to the amount of female hormones used in our meat supply.

I think that we continue to pump our cattle and hogs full of female hormones to make them grow fatter and these hormones get into our food supply and into our bodies.

They caused male fetuses to become female fetuses.  They could also cause an increase in the number of homosexual males born each year. 

In addition, these female hormones in our meat supply create boys who have less testosterone in their systems and more estrogen. 

I also think our food supply is one of the reasons for the increase in obesity.  The female hormones in our meat (added to increase the weight of cattle before slaughter) can also cause weight gain in humans.   That’s just my thought.

I also thinks it makes girls mature physically at a younger and younger age.

But besides that

Some 40 percent of all boys in the United States live without a male in the house.  While that doesn’t translate evenly among the races, it’s still a significant number.

It’s estimated that half of all divorced dads lose contact with their children within a few years.  By the end of 10 years, as many as two-thirds of divorced dads are no longer a factor in their child’s life.

Even fathers in married families spend a lot less time with their children than they think.  An hour a day is normal.  Consequently many children are growing up with only females in their lives.

One of the biggest best selling books currently on the New York Times Best Seller List is The Dangerous Book for Boys which is geared towards pre-teen boys.  The book tells boys what they need to know, from how to build a bow and arrow to why you shouldn’t fart around girls.  This book is filling in for absent fathers and is currently Number Two on the New York Times Best Seller List.

School system failure

Our school system is female dominated with 80 percent of all teachers being female.  It’s even more skewed at the elementary school level.

Boys fidget, make noise, horseplay and move around.  Girls sit still, work together and generally obey the commands of the teacher.  Schools and school teachers see female behavior as good while male behavior is bad.

More and more schools are relying on drugs to help handle discipline problems in our elementary schools and 80 percent of the children on Ritalin and other drugs are – – boys.

Thirty percent of all boys will drop out of high school and not graduate.  (Some will go back later for a GED or take some community college courses.)

Too many females

The trouble in our educational system is being felt in the higher educational community.   More and more girls are going to college while fewer and fewer boys are making the effort.

Females now comprise nearly 60 percent of all of cour college students and in some professions such as law and medicine, females now make up 65 percent of the enrollment.

Some colleges are making efforts to attract more males but most of them are content in the fact that they have declining numbers of males in their classrooms.

In this state, females predominate in the political arena, again skewing efforts to help boys.  Our governor, our U.S. Senators and a significant number of our legislative leaders are women.  They have been able to give helping hands to other women and continue to fund programs that help girls and women.

In the meantime, actions that are traditionally male activities are being made illegal.   Activities like mandatory seat belts  (it’s young males who often don’t buckle up),  riding a motorcycle without a helmet (again a traditional male behavior) gun laws, hunting restrictions, even rules and laws against bullying.  In the area of male-female relationships, the laws are skewed to help the female, particularly in child custody cases.

Our boys are being treated like second class citizens and no one seems to care.

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