Dogs on the loose

March 21st, 2008 by Ken

I was talking with a man last night who expressed irritation with the City of Lacey and it’s unwillingness to have an off-leash dog park.   “They just spent $17 million building soccer fields, ball fields and basketball courts,” he said.  “I can’t do any of those things anymore.   But I can still enjoy my dog.

“If they can spend that kind of money for the kids, why can’t they do something for me.”   He told me he had talked with the Lacey parks director who told him there would be an off-leash dog park in Lacey over his dead body.

Well, maybe it’s time for him to find a spot for his grave, because an off-leash dog park is not only something that’s wanted, it’s also something that’s needed.  The nearest such park is in Pierce County and that doesn’t work for those Lacey residents who need such a place.

The man was right.  We spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money to build sports fields, but yet, one simple request, to help not only those who have dogs, but the elderly who love their dogs as much as some love their children, should also have a place they can go and be with their pets.

Woodland Creek may not be the best place.  And, again, maybe it is.  I doubt the argument that dog poop will pollute the creek has any merit.  Other animals already pollute the creek and any dog doo that’s laying around has an insignificant impact on water pollution.

Even with an off-leash park, we can still require people to pick up after their pets.   I see people all of the time, walking along the Chehalis Western Trail, who let their dogs run; and for the most part, they don’t cause a problem.  I also watch them clean up after their dogs.

It seems to me that the Lacey Parks Department and the Lacey Parks Board is trying to find reasons that we can’t have an off-leash dog park, rather than working towards finding something that will work.

Lets put our collective heads together and find a solution – – it’s the Lacey way.

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